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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Register here:
2. Choose & Pay your membership.
3. Choose your portfolio of our available cryptos, deposit the cryptos in BDC & start earning!

You start earning since the day one. 

You can get your profit in 24 hours after your withdraw request. 

The full amount invested (deposit) will take 5 bussines days to get to your wallet after withdraw. 

If you need withdraw your deposit faster you can do it in 24 hours paying the extra fee for this transaction, see FAQ “Why work with us? – Fees & Periods”.

All wallets are updated weekly. However you can check your wallet status directly in the Blockchain of each crypto that we provide you in your personal wallet. We are 100% transparent!

If you are interested in investing in masternodes, then check the following page:

If you would like to invest in staking then there is no minimum amount.

The Crypto Analysis Ideas are just “ideas” of our team about what we think will happend in the crypto market.

We are not finantial advisors, we just share the useful information that we use for us.

We give the cheapest hosting service of the market and the lowest commissions in staking.

Hosting: 1, 35€ per masternode/monthly

Withdrawing Fees: 
-Profit (24h) 7% (Regular Withdraw)
-Deposit (5 days) 0%
-Deposit + Profit (5 days) 7%(of the porfit)
-Deposit + Profit: (24h) 12% (of the profit) – Special Request

Withdrawing Fees (Staking Pools): 
-Profit 10%

We never charge fees on the deposited amount.

Earn 10€ for each person you refer. Contact us for more information.

1. Choose the coin of your masternode

2. Purchase & Deposit the coin in your personal BDC wallet.

3. Pay the monthly masternode hosting (1, 35€) to connect your coins to a private VPN that is hosting the masternode. 

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