JP Morgan says Bitcoin is 25% below its intrinsic value

The US bank JP Morgan published a recent study on Bitcoin (BTC) in which it states that digital assets are 25% below their intrinsic value.

Many analysts try to measure the fair value of a Bitcoin. Because it is unburdened and governed solely by supply and demand, it is difficult to accurately price the true value of the digital asset.

Some believe that the average cost of mining a Bitcoin can be considered a fair value for the digital asset, and many analyst companies try to assess what the cost of mining a Bitcoin is.

Although the American bank JP Morgan cannot trade Bitcoin or offer specific cryptomoney services to its clients, the company usually analyzes the digital asset market in its reports.

According to the bank’s latest study, which includes an analysis of the post-Bitcoin mining scenario, the asset is well below what can be considered its ‘intrinsic value’.

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