The dApps in the Tron Blockchain focused on gambling continue to lead the ranking.

According to the DappRadar website, the decentralized applications (dApps) launched on the Tron Blockchain are the most popular in terms of number of users.

The information was revealed by Cryptorank, the crypto-currency analysis firm, through an infographic that placed the best 8 dApps by number of users and transaction volume over USD 50 thousand.

As it can be seen, 5 of the 8 places correspond to Tron applications mainly related to the online gambling sphere -gambling-: RocketGame, Wink, Cryptotree, 888Tron and Bitlex.

However, the most popular application according to this classification is located in the Ethereum block chain with Forsage, which has about 2600 users. The dApp is a marketing program launched in the ETH block chain with more than 205 thousand participants and a fully open intelligent public network contract.

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