Whales Bitcoin begin to move funds in the middle of a bullish scenario

Crypt whales and especially those that manipulate the price of Bitcoin have emerged from the depths in the midst of a rising scenario for the general crypt coin market.
According to Whale Alert reports, in the beginning of week 24 corresponding to the period June 8-14, 2020, crypto whales have mobilized just over $600 million in six different assets, with Bitcoin leading with over 50 percent of the movements.
The movement of Bitcoin whales was varied between purses of unknown directions and some of the most important crypto currency exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, OKEx and Binance Exchange.
The first transfer reported by the major movement analysis firm, Whale-Alert, was reported on Monday June 8 at 21:14:48 UTC between purses of unknown direction for an amount of 19,999,996 BTC, almost $195 million.
Following the previous transaction, two transactions were made almost simultaneously from Coinbase for USD 5,970 BTC and Binance for the amount of 1,210 BTC respectively, closing this Monday with just over 41% of the funds reported in the last two days by Whale Alert.
At the close of this post, three additional transactions of smaller amounts of Bitcoin transfers from Binance and Coinbase to wallets at unknown addresses have been reported in the last few hours, for a cumulative amount of 5,575 BTC “usd 54.3M”.

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