Ethereum transaction volume increased more than 100% in the last 24 hours

A recent tweet from the cryptanalysis firm Glassnode, made clear the recent increase in transaction volume at the Ethereum Blockchain.
According to the revealed graph, almost 100 thousand ETH have been traded in the Blockchain of the most important altcoin of the market, registering an increase of 114% with respect to the volume of the previous day, which registered a little more than 46 thousand ETH transferred.
The graph of the average daily volume in Ethereum also shows a recovery of the levels traded in the chain, since last June 14th the lowest value in a month will be registered.
With a price already higher than USD 240, Ethereum has seen in the last days a significant increase of the quantitative indicators. Glassnode’s analysis indicates that the block chain shows new quantitative records to increase the balance in the purses, an increase in the number of ‘whales’ and a reduction in the active supply, all of which are signs of an upward trend.

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