Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 is Released

Bitcoin Core 0.20.1, the new version of this Bitcoin node software, was released on August 1. This new version includes some improvements and bug fixes compared to version 0.20, which was released in June. The main new feature of version 0.20.1 is that it addresses the problem of “discouraged addresses” or users sending incorrect blocks to the network. According to the new rules, the interaction of such nodes with the network is not prohibited, however, they will be classified as “discouraged,” and as a result, their contact with other nodes will be less likely. In spite of the fact that other nodes will be able to connect to “discouraged” nodes, this will happen less frequently than before. The process of discouraging an address does not happen automatically after 24 hours, as it will depend on how successful the future interactions of faulty nodes with the rest will be. Version 0.20.1 has also fixed a notification error that has been present in the client since version 0.19. Notifications are now sent for wallet transactions that are removed from the mempool because they conflict with a new block. 13 contributors have directly taken part in the development of Bitcoin Core 0.20.1, while in version 0.20 119 were involved in this task.

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