Director of Business Development for Dash Core Group: “Dash is best positioned to serve as digital money”

Dash is, in my view, the crypto that is best positioned to serve as digital money. This is possible thanks to the interaction of variables, which together create a virtuous circle and complement each other to be P2P digital money:

-Dash has an ecosystem powered by the first and largest DAO in the world. This allows communities with resources to build local solutions, all over the world, and in a decentralized way.

-The technical capabilities of Dash’s network give it a competitive advantage: Value can be sent in little more than a second, at a cost of 1/20th of a cent, which allows it to be money that can actually be used for payment systems.

-The developments that will become tangible in Dash platform, will allow you to continue being a leader in usability and innovation, so it is only a matter of time until more people join to use a crypt that does serve to move value.

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