Gaming platform Ultra integrates Theta Network for live streaming

Blockchain-powered gaming platform Ultra announced Sep. 3 that it will integrate Theta Network’s live streaming technology as part of its user experience.

The service will allow users to see games in action before making a purchase, and earn rewards that can be spent within the ecosystem.

Ultra is a game distribution platform using blockchain technology to bring new features to both players and developers. With a planned release in Q4 2020 it aims to disrupt the $160 billion gaming market by enabling gamers to play, discover, compete and socialize with zero friction.

When a user hits a particular game’s landing page they will see the game being played live via Theta streaming technology directly within the Ultra platform. Users can then earn rewards of both Theta (TFUEL) and Ultra (UOS) tokens for relaying the streams that they watch.

Streamers can also use the system to airdrop non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to fans and viewers, and earn rewards for promoting games on Ultra.

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