TRON: Poloniex registers DeFi hype, already 5 billion TRX locked up in SUN contract

  • According to Poloniex, a large number of TRX is currently withdrawn to participate in TRON’s yield farming, while the exchange has transferred 1.5 billion TRX from cold wallet to hot wallet.
  • Within the first 24 hours 5 billion TRX were locked into the SUN genesis mining contract.

Whale Alert has reported on numerous transactions that indicate a potential hype around TRON‘s DeFi sector. As Twitter Whale Alert reported, over 2 billion TRX with a total value of $75.3 million were transferred in the last twenty hours. The exchange Poloniex has tweeted that it is monitoring larger amounts of withdrawals so that, as the exchange claims, users can participate in TRON’s yield farming.

Furthermore, in a commentary Poloniex explained: A large number of #TRX is being withdrawn to participate in #TRON yield farming, and we are preparing 1.5 billion TRX from cold wallet to hot wallet. Please note this is an internal transaction between exchange wallets. We can expect more as the TRON DeFi continues to grow.

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