BDCoin P2P Exchange

Market Price

0.000094 Ethereum (ETH) = 1 BDCoin (BDC)

0.000037 Ethereum (ETH) = 1 BDCoin (BDC)

Disclaimer: BDCoin will not be responsible for any failed transaction due to the error in the sending address or error in the receiving address. The wallet to receive BDCoin tokens must be an Ethereum ERC-20 wallet.
The execution price will be that of the moment of making the transaction effective by changing the Ethereum for BDCoin, which will occur within the next 24 hours from the moment we receive the transaction and the form.

P2P Form Submission


Steps to use P2P BDC Exchange

1. Sent the Ethereum to this Address (ERC20): 0x6878FB5c607474E133b25b076Cf17CB908456677

2. The tokens will be sold by the market price of the moment when we receive the transaction and your fullified form.

3. Fullify the form on the right side with clear information.
In field “message” specify¬† “Im buying BDCoin by market price”.


Steps to use P2P BDC Exchange

1. Complete and send the form.

2. We will contact you by email to inform you of the liquidity available for market sales.

3. If there is no liquidity this month or has already been exhausted for other sales, we will queue you for future sales by market.

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