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BDCoin About & Investment Model Scheme

Introduction About BDCoin

BDCoin is born with BitDreamCompany’s vision of a decentralized, transparent and beneficial Blockchain for all its users. That is why we created our token based on our company’s services, our investment portfolio, profitability systems, supported projects and our associated platforms.

Created on the Ethereum network with the ERC 20 protocol, we opened ourselves to the blockchain community with a versatile, fast and decentralized token.

With our goal to support the blockchain and its big projects we want to contribute with our small grain of sand to bring the future a little bit closer to the moment of now.

Welcome to the real, decentralized, transparent, fast and reliable blockchain.

Investment Model Scheme

By investing in BDCoin you are investing in the entire portfolio of the company and all the projects it supports and invests in. All investors will receive dividends from the profits generated in all reinvestments of the company.
This way we get not only a versatile token to use for investments, but also an asset worth to hold.



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