• – BitRewards team, that’s been developing e-Commerce loyalty products under GIFTD brand for more than 5 years, had successfully conducted a Crowdfunding campaign for new loyalty products launch, using Blockchain-technology and its own cryptocurrency – BIT .

Blockchain rewards and loyalty platform for e-commerce

  • How BIT works
    Our mission is to create the rewards and loyalty platform that will permeate the online retailers of all shapes and sizes and connect them with their customers by virtue of BIT tokens.


  • Merchants get BIT software for FREE
    Based on the innovative and profitable product with 5 year market history. Revenue grows by 17% avg.
  • Shoppers get rewards in BIT tokens
    For their purchases, friends’ invites, Facebook likes and a lot more. BIT can be redeemed or cashed out.
    Merchants buy BIT, people hold BIT
    Shoppers get liquid token, merchants get more sales.

With the emergence of the blockchain, the broken loyalty industry is bound to change. We are big believers that smart contracts and cryptocurrency are the core engine and fuel for the new era of customer’s loyalty. Ethereum allows implementing an elegant technical solution.
Why blockchain
Distributed ledgers and blockchain protocols bring unprecedented value to the loyalty program of the future:
For users:

Rewards in cryptocurrency, which don’t depend on the success of the merchant
Rewards, which appreciate rather than expire
Easily redeemable or exchangeable into any other liquid asset
Highly personalised, custom-tailored recommendations, rewards & discounts (see BitRecommendations For merchants:


Premium software free of charge, which increases the loyalty of users and sales
Tokenization of standalone loyalty programs and merchant-specific tokens generation platform
Use of API to frictionlessly connect any proprietary loyalty programs to BitRewards tokens or any other loyalty and –
rewards program
Free BitRecommendations API working on blockchain, managed by DAO on IPFS
For business development and security:
DAO which ensures the efficiency of BitRewards network development
Merchant data control, ensuring merchants own and benefit from their raw data
Rewards for developers, who create successful solutions and merchants and customers, who incentivize the adoption
of BitRewards network.