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preice market :


JP MORGAN LAUNCHES CRYPTOACTIVE!!, PENSION CRYPTOPS, CARACAS BAG AND MORE. crypto-bull starting?                        20/02/2019

Red Pulse :
Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China's economy and capital markets. We connect industry experts, practitioners, and professionals together to share their insights and analyses to a global audience.

JP MORGAN LAUNCHES CRYPTOACTIVE!!, PENSION CRYPTOPS, CARACAS BAG AND MORE. crypto-bull starting?                        20/02/2019

We would like to inform you that AWS MINING has ceased its partnership, which it had temporarily developed with MYCOINDEAL. As of March 22nd 2019 AWS Mining will launch its own wallet. Please access this link for more information –


JP MORGAN LAUNCHES CRYPTOACTIVE!!, PENSION CRYPTOPS, CARACAS BAG AND MORE. crypto-bull starting?                        20/02/2019

Ethereum Daily Mining Rewards Аre at Lowest Level Ever Reported

New Ethereum (ETH) being generated through mining is at its lowest rate ever, Etherscan datareveals on Feb. 11.

Coinbase Wallet Users Can Back Up Encrypted Keys on Google Drive and iCloud

Users of Coinbase Wallet can now back up their private keys on Google Drive or iCloud, according to an official announcement on Feb. 12.

World’s 5th Largest Bank Aims to Debut Blockchain Payment Network in 2020

Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) has officially announced it will launch a new blockchain-based payment system, according to a press release published on Feb. 12.

Bloomberg: Investors, Miners, Turn to Derivatives to Survive Crypto Winter

Crypto investors and miners are turning to derivatives such as options in an attempt to survive the protracted market downturn, a Bloomberg piece argues on Feb. 13.

Fake MetaMask Crypto Malware Pulled From Google Play After Tip-Off

Decentralized app (DApp) MetaMask is facing fresh problems from cryptocurrency scammers after malware impersonating the tool appeared on Google Play, cybersecurity company Eset reportedFeb. 8.

Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Litecoin, Binance Coin, EOS, Dash, Monero

Over the past few days, we saw individual cryptocurrencies charting their own course, deifying the absolute leadership of Bitcoin (BTC).

Fundstrat Expects 2019 to Bring Incremental Improvements Supporting Higher Crypto Prices

New York-based research company Fundstrat Global Advisors has released its 2019 crypto outlook on Friday, Feb. 8. The analysts describe incremental improvements that will purportedly support higher prices for cryptocurrencies.platform, a Feb. 5 press release reports.

Hodler’s Digest, February 4–10: Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

Top Stories This Week

Facebook Reportedly Acquires Blockchain Startup in First Blockchain-Related Acquisition

Social media network Facebook has reportedly acquired blockchain startup Chainspace in its first apparent blockchain-related acquisition. According to news outlet Cheddar, the acquisition is considered an “acquihire,” or an acquisition of a company made in order to get the skills or expertise of its staff, as opposed to the company’s service or products.

Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Joins Enterprise Blockchain Consortium R3

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA) has joined blockchain consortium R3 to develop applications and solutions on their Corda platform, a Feb. 5 press release reports.

US Crypto Exchange Coinbase Launches Paypal Withdrawals Support for EU Users

Major United States crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase is launching support for European Union residents to make fiat currency withdrawals to online payment system PayPal. The development was announced in an official blog post published on Feb. 5.

Four Iranian Banks Support Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Four banks in the Islamic Republic of Iran have developed a gold-backed cryptocurrency called PayMon, financial news website Financial Tribune reported on Jan. 30.

Circle’s Head of Partnerships Joins Blockchain Startup Celo

Chuck Kimble, who helped to launch the USD-pegged stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) at crypto finance company Circle, has reportedly joined blockchain firm Celo as head of strategic partnerships. The development was reported on Feb. 6 by Celo’s Medium page.

Ripple Hires Ex-HSBC, CIT Exec as General Counsel After Five-Month Hiatus

Blockchain payments network Ripple announced it had hired a former HSBC general counsel to oversee its legal services and compliance, in a press release Jan. 30.

Ethereum Hackathon ETHDenver Partners With UNICEF on Blockchain Bounty System

Upcoming Ethereum (ETH) hardware hackathon ETHDenver is partnering with UNICEF on a blockchain bounty token system, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Jan. 31. The token aims to incentivize developers to create projects which promote social good, the press release notes.

Report: Majority of $11.4 Million Stolen in 2018 Iota Token Heist Has Been Found

A top member of the Germany-based Iota (IOTA) Foundation has said the majority of the ~$11 million alleged to have been stolen in a major Iota token heist last year has been found, Reuters reported Jan. 30.

Desktop Crypto Asset Manager Ledger Live Launches Mobile App Version

French cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has released a dedicated mobile app for some of its products, the company confirmed in a blog post Jan. 28.

Venezuela on Fire: How Maduro’s Petro Plan Failed to Bail Out the Country

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for a second term on Jan. 10, amid tremendous hyperinflation, long-lasting political and economic crisis, and strict sanctions imposed by its former partner and oil purchaser: the United States.

Owner of Hacked Crypto Exchange BitGrail Sentenced to Return Funds to Customers

Francesco Firano, the owner and founder of hacked Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, has been sentenced to return as much of the assets to his customers as possible. Scans of the court decision were released by the Bit Grail Victims Group (BGVG) on Medium on Jan. 28.

Digital Securities Platform Joins IBM Blockchain Accelerator Program

Compliance platform for digital securities Securitize has joined the IBM Blockchain Accelerator program, Forbes reports on Jan. 21.

Bank of England Adviser: Cryptocurrencies Fail Basic Financial Tests, Lack Value

Huw van Steenis, senior adviser to Bank of England’s (BOE) Governor Mark Carney, told Bloomberg in an interview Monday, Jan. 21, that cryptocurrencies fail fundamental financial tests.

ICOs Raised $160 Million in First Half of January, Report Says

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) completed in the first half of January have raised around $160 million. The figure was provided in a report by ICO rating service ICObench shared with Cointelegraph on Jan. 18.

ICO statistics by country in the first half of January 2019. Source: ICObench

On Jan. 16, major crypto exchange BitMEX released a report claiming that ICO teams have lost 54 percent of value of the initial $24 billion worth of tokens allocated to themselves due to the decline in coin prices.

Bank Joins Board of Directors of Blockchain Firm Setl

British blockchain technology group Setl has hired former governor of the French central bank Christian Noyer as a member of its board of directors. The new appointment was confirmed in a blog post published on Jan. 17.

Crypto Analyst Brian Kelly: ‘No Shot’ for Bitcoin ETF in 2019

Crypto entrepreneur and regular contributor to CNBC, Brian Kelly, claimed that there is no chance for a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval in 2019. Kelly made his remarks in an interview with Cointelegraph at the Crypto Finance Conference, Switzerland, Jan. 18.



New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has suffered a security breach and is going through unscheduled maintenance.

The announcement was just posted on the exchange’s official twitter page, outlining that the losses have been significant.


Ginko, an economist with ties to the Kremlin, says the Russian government will convert some of its USD reserves into Bitcoin, a move that could start as early as February.

Last week, Bitcoinist first reported on the government’s rumored plans to ditch the Dollar as a way of circumventing U.S. sanctions.


Bitcoinist reported on January 7th that a street artist Pascal Boyart has painted a ‘revolutionary’ street mural in celebration of the 10th birthday of the Genesis block.

Hidden within the mural was a Bitcoin puzzle with a 0.26 BTC or $1,000 reward, which later grew to 0.28 BTC following a few public donations.

Six days later, it seems that the puzzle has been solved

Washington’s Douglas County is Looking to Build a Blockchain Innovation Campus

Local officials of United States’ Douglas County located in central Washington want to build a blockchain innovation campus, local daily newspaper The Seattle Times reports on Jan. 11.

According to the aforementioned article, the county is already used to hosting a substantial crypto mining industry. Crypto miners have been attracted to various central Washington counties due to their access to cheap hydroelectricity-generated power; however, the mining boom has reportedly busted in 2018, after the market downturn.

Long-Dormant Bitcoin Whales Resuming Activity Could Rock Price Action, Analysts Say

The number of active Bitcoin (BTC) wallets, many of which have long been dormant, has seen an uptick that could herald some major market movements, Bloomberg reports Jan. 11.

Bloomberg bases its report on data and analysis from crypto analytics startup Flipside Crypto, which sealed the backing of major crypto exchange Coinbase and veteran crypto venture capital firm Digital Currency Group (DCG) back in November.

According to Flipside, as of Oct. 2018, a high number of long-inactive Bitcoin holders — defined as those that haven’t transferred their Bitcoin for between six and thirty months — have begun to transfer their coins, resulting in wallets active over the past month now holding around 60 percent of the coin’s circulating supply.


That number is actually 4,109 on December 31, 2018. 

Before you go ahead and state the obvious, yes, comparing 4,000 ATMs the world over to some 65,000 in one chilly isle alone is like comparing apples to oranges. 

Clearly, the world is very much bank-dependent and a few Bitcoin ATMs per country doesn’t even begin to compete. But the trend is evident, nevertheless: 100 percent YOY growth compared to a constant, steady decline.


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This is also their founding philosophy. Even they are Japanese, they should be able to create services like big corporations like Apple, Google and Facebook, in IT sanctuary, Silicon Valley, with their founding generation. They are seriously aiming to challenge the same stage as Facebook and raise the Japanese flag, “rising sun” or “Hinomaru”, to the global IT market.

Join the next generation networking utility that has created a new era of communication and relationship management.

Webtalk is a global big data software technology company focused on relationship-based data mining, storage and search technologies to power the next generation communication and commerce utility.

- BitRewards -

BitRewards team, that’s been developing e-Commerce loyalty products under GIFTD brand for more than 5 years, had successfully conducted a Crowdfunding campaign for new loyalty products launch, using Blockchain-technology and its own cryptocurrency – BIT .

What is XYO Network?

It’s like GPS, minus the government monopoly.
The company behind XYO Network is called XY. Since 2012, they have been quietly developing world-class location protocols needed to achieve their mission of building a decentralized localization network. The XYO network makes this possible through an ecosystem of crypto-location protocols.

after a brief introduction to this token taken from their official website, what are you waiting for? Hurry up immediately to inform you about this new spectacular token!

Proof of Origin:
In a trustless system, data may be lost, damaged, tampered with, or otherwise corrupted. Traditional Proof of Origin in a trustless system relies on a private key for signing transactions or contracts in a system. This works very well with the assumption that the node on the network that signs the data in question is physically and virtually secure. If the private key is compromised, then the ability to prove origin falters. Proof of Origin (Proof of Origin) is the key to verifying that ledgers flowing into the XYO Network are valid. A unique ID for source of data is not practical since it can be spoofed. private key signing is not practical since most parts of the XYO Network are difficult or impossible to physically secure, so the ability for a bad actor to steal a private key is too feasible. To solve this, XYO Network uses Transient Key Chaining. The benefit of this is that it is impossible to falsify the chain of origin for data.

Tutorial Steemit

guide and complete and introductory explanation to the first social network that uses a "Blockchain" technology

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