Hi all! We would like to inform you that we are creating a new token on Tron. This token will be distributed to everyone with an active investment. Once received you can use your tokens to vote on the platform and get benefits from your token for being part of the new investments.




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Master Wallet

Masternodes Wallet: in the wallet you can see your investments Plans, stakecoins , masternodes profit and much more!

Masternodes Wallet?

A masternode is a cryptocurrency wallet often referred to as a full node which contains a copy of the ledger in real-time. Blockchains can typically be broken down into three types: Proof of work, proof of stake, and a blend of the two. These blockchains need a system for processing transactions which enables the blockchain to function. However, masternodes are substantially different than the functionality of regular nodes. They go above and beyond in functionality compared to a node which is simply relaying blocks and transactions.