Membership Payment through BDCoin


Requirement disclaimer: To qualify for the BDCoin launch promotion and pay 5,000 BDCoin for the membership you must have 10,000 BDCoin in hold and prove it by sending your BDCoin wallet address, otherwise you cannot apply for the promotion.

Steps to pay BDC Membership in BDCoin

1. Sent the BDCoin to this Address: 0x6878FB5c607474E133b25b076Cf17CB908456677
5.000 BDC (Basic) / 7.000 BDC (Advance)

2. When the transaction is done fullify the form on the right side. Don´t forget to wait the transaction to be done, because the txid will be required in the form.

3. Your transaction will be reviewed and you will receive an email within 24 hours.

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