Staking Pools

Start with us with or own community Ethereum Pool on Uniswap .

How does it work

You can be a part of this Project and take part of the liquidity pool, adding your tokens to the pool.

(To add liquidity you always will need a collateral fund like ) Example : If you having one ETH and do you like to add that ETH to the pool yo will need the same price on DAI or any Other token From the pool where you will add the liquidation. Example : You have 1 ETH to add to the pool, and the price of ETHEREUM today is 160 $ . So you will need… 1 ETH + 160 $ in collateral coin.
Uniswap is working with differents ethereum pools, where you can swap your token for others without an exchange and KYC . Choose one of our token ‘s from the POOL to start. You can interact between different tokens inside of the ethereum network and track them at any time.
Contact support if you have any project were do you like to create and integrate your token.
Sing-up on UniswapRoi to have an online control about your pool.

Token's list

Minimum to start 0.2 eth 
Pool fee 10 % about your Profit and the same  colateral token that you choose (find the correct colateral in the calculator here. )
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