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THE PEOPLE-POWERED LOCATION NETWORK With over 1 million location verifying beacons already built, and hundreds of thousands ready to be enabled, blockchain’s first cryptographic location network has arrived. Join us in connecting blockchain dApps to the real world. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE Self-driving vehicles, package-delivering drones and smart cities. All of these will not be possible unless we solve the biggest shortcoming of location data today: trust.
  • The technologies of tomorrow will require location data you will trust with your life. Yet how can we have this level of trust in location data? Not through large companies or governments, that’s for sure. They get hacked daily. Rather, the answer comes from securing it through mathematical principles of cryptography.
Meet the XYO Network (‘XYO’). We’re building the world’s first people-powered location network built on blockchain technology. The technology we’re building today will power the world of tomorrow. And the gas used to power it is the cryptocurrency called ‘XYO’. HERE’S medium comWHERE THINGS GET REALLY EXCITING For the last several years, the XY has been developing the technologies critical to bringing blockchain to the offline world, in order to make them programmable and accessible to smart contracts. To make this possible, we’ve had to overcome two extraordinarily difficult tasks: First, we’ve created a location-based consumer product business focused on getting Bluetooth and GPS tracking beacons out into the world. And second, we’ve developed ground-breaking research within the realm of location-focused blockchain technology so it is no longer limited to the online world. After years of research and innovation, we’ve accomplished both. XY has become the leader in the world of findable technology with Bluetooth and GPS tracking devices which allow everyday consumers to track real-world items in real-time, right from their smart phones. XY now has over 1 million location beacon devices circulating in the world. In just a few years, we’ve created the single largest network of Bluetooth & GPS devices in the world. XYO coins.newbium comXYO Network Expansion They are fortunate to have a consumer business that has successfully built a real-world network with over one million (1,000,000) Bluetooth and GPS devices in the world. Most location networks fail to reach this phase and attain the critical mass necessary to build out an extensive network. The Sentinel network we have created is only the starting point. The XYO Network is an open system that any operator of location devices can plug into and begin earning XYO Tokens. Generally, the greater the Sentinel cardinality in the XYO Network, the more reliable it is. To further grow its network, the XYO Network is engaging with other businesses to expand its network of Sentinels beyond its own network of XY Findables beacons. Proof of chipin comOrigin Introduction Traditional trustless systems rely on a private key for signing transactions or contracts in a system. This works very well with the assumption that the node on the network that signs the data in question is physically and virtually secure. However, if the private key is compromised, then the ability to prove origin falters. When applying trustless concepts to the Internet of Things, it must be assumed that edge nodes on the network are not physically or virtually secure. This brings forth the need to identify edge nodes without the use of unique IDs and to instead judge the data produced by them as being honest and valid without any knowledge from outside the network.